7 Reasons Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time for Roof Repair or Replacement

Roof Repair or Replacement

Replacing your roof is undoubtedly a large and often expensive project. It is understandable why many homeowners may want to delay scheduling a roof replacement for as long as possible. However, the fall months are the perfect time to replace your home’s roof. And definitely better than finding out during the winter months that you had roofing problems!

Here are seven key reasons why now is the right time to schedule a roof replacement for your home:

1.) Great Weather Conditions

Fall weather conditions are usually mild and dry, and this means that weather conditions may be ideal for a roof replacement. Remember that your home may be exposed to the elements for several hours or longer during the replacement. By completing the replacement when weather conditions are ideal, you can safeguard your property.

2.) A Roof Replacement Completed on Your Schedule

Many homeowners are forced to complete a roof replacement at a moment’s notice due to issues showing up in severe weather damage. The fall months are usually ideal for a roof replacement with minimal severe weather. This gives you plenty of time to repair a previously damaged or worn out roof before the chilly winter weather sets in.

3.) Preparation for the Cold Winter Months

Winter weather can be brutal on your roof, and you need to take steps now to prepare your home for the conditions that are coming in a few short weeks or months. Your home’s roof may currently be older and in less than ideal shape. You need to improve its condition now with a replacement so that it can fare well throughout the winter and beyond.

4.) More Efficient and Faster Installation than Winter

Shingles and other building supplies can be more difficult to work with in very cold temperatures. This can actually extend the amount of time it takes to replace your roof. Colder temperatures simply slow down the process.

5.) The Most Affordable Time To Get Your Roof Replaced

Generally, after school starts back in session, the roofing season begins to slow down. Thus many roofing companies offer more competitive pricing. Fall is usually the best time of year for the best price. But also keep in mind,  the lowest price is not always the best option. Always go with a highly reputable, certified roofing contractor, high quality materials, and the best warranties.

6.) Protection for Your Home Before The Hardest Time of Year on Your Roof

Your home’s shingles perform an airtight and watertight barrier when they are properly maintained, but this is not the case when your shingles are worn out and older. You need to ensure that your home is properly protected all winter long. Therefore, take steps now to replace a damaged or older roof. Winter months bring out your roofs weaknesses. Getting any issues taken care of while its still warm is always better.

7.) Reduced Energy Costs This Winter

Your roof can play a major role in energy efficiency, so you need to ensure that it is in great condition. You can even choose to use upgraded materials that can lower the cost of energy consumption throughout the winter and all year long.

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