The Top 4 Items to Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for a Cold Winter

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At its most basic level, your home is a shelter that protects you and your loved ones from exposure to the elements. During the winter months, your home can take quite a beating in the process. Winter weather conditions can expose your home’s exterior to strong and damaging winds, hail, ice, snow and more. Now is the time to inspect your home’s exterior and prepare it for the harsh winter weather that undoubtedly will soon arrive. Focus your attention on a few critical areas for the best results.

1.) Winterize Your Exterior Pipes, Hose Faucets, and Sprinkler Systems

Insulate any free standing exterior pipes that could freeze with foam pipe wrap. Cover all exterior hose faucets with foam or insulated protectors for winter. Also, check for any pipes that may be in your attic or crawl space beneath your home to be sure they are insulated. Broken pipes due to freezing can cause very expensive damage to your home. Have your lawn sprinkler system drained and “blown out” to prevent expensive damage to the system.

2.) Seal Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are your portals to the outside world when you are in the home, but they also are areas of vulnerability for your home’s exterior. They are designed to open and close easily, but they should be airtight and prevent leakage when they are in a closed position. Small gaps can easily develop when the seals around your home’s doors and windows deteriorates. It is wise to inspect the seals around your home’s exterior doors and windows each year and to reseal these areas as needed. This simple step can help you to save energy and may make your home’s indoor environment more comfortable.

2.) Clean Out the Rain Gutters

Ice dams are one of the leading causes of serious roof damage during cold weather conditions, and clogged gutters increase the chance of creating ice dams. Before the cold weather arrives, spend time cleaning the fall foliage and other debris out of your gutters. Ensure that the gutters are positioned to carry water away from your home rather than depositing it around the base of your foundation. Look for any leaks or gaps that need to be sealed. By maintaining your gutters now, you can ensure that they do their important job throughout the entire winter season.

3.) Examine the Roof Closely

Your roof maybe one of the most critical exterior features on your home. It offers protection from snow, ice and wind during the cold weather season, and it also offers energy efficiency benefits. More than that, it process the home from pest infestations and water damage. Over time, a roof can develop small leaks and other issues, and these can turn into serious and costly issues if you do not tend to them. Now is the time to get a roof inspection and to schedule maintenance work as needed. This simple effort now will minimize the chance of serious damage occurring during harsh winter weather conditions.

Take The Time!

Between watching football on TV and enjoying time outdoors enjoying the brisk fall weather, you may not have home maintenance at the top of your mind this time of year. However, you can see that each of these important steps plays a critical role in winter weather maintenance of your home. Spend time now reviewing each of these points carefully and properly caring for your home before the first major winter storm of the season hits. Contact Rocky Mountain Exteriors for assistance with these and other related tasks.

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