5 Things to Consider When Comparing Multiple Roofing Estimates

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Replacing your roof is a major undertaking, and you understandably want to comparison shop to find the contractor to do the best job at the lowest price possible. While you may be focused on finding the contractor that offers the best overall quality, there is more involved to choosing the right roofing contractor than reading online reviews and looking at the bottom line on an estimate.

As you review different roofing service estimates, turn your attention to these important elements for the best roofing experience possible.

1.) Read the Fine Print Regarding Incidentals

Almost all roofing projects will have at least a few incidental charges. This could include the removal of waste from the work site, the labor time needed for the cleanup process and more. Incidentals can easily cause the final cost of your project to escalate substantially. Some roofing contractors will provide you with a very low bottom line cost, but this cost will not include the cost of incidentals. Another quote that is slightly higher that does include incidentals may actually be more affordable when all things are considered.

2.) Focus on the Warranty

Many roofing contractors pass along a manufacturer’s materials warranty to you, and they may also have a labor or installation warranty for the quality of their work. Pay close attention to what is included in the warranty and how long the warranty is in effect. This may be a strong indicator about the overall quality of the roofing installation service that you may expect from each contractor.

3.) Review the Materials in the Quote

In most roofing estimates and quotes, the precise details about materials will be listed. This may include quantity and quality alike. It also should include the cost of nails, sealants and other supplies that are required to complete the project. Comparing the materials list between multiple quotes can help you to determine if some roofing companies may be charging you for more materials and supplies than may actually be needed and used.

4.) Look at Labor Costs

One aspect of roofing quotes and estimates that may vary most dramatically is the cost of labor. The number of workers on the job site and the total hours estimated to complete the work can impact labor costs. In addition, different labor rates are often charged, and this adds to the variation in quotes. Remember that skilled labor may be more important than cheap labor, but this does not mean that you should assume a higher labor rate is related to more skilled or experienced workers.

5.) Examine Financing Terms

Many roofing companies offer in-house financing to help you pay for the cost of your project. If you intend to use the contractor’s financing, carefully compare interest rates and terms. Remember that loan fees and payment terms can also vary and may be critical deciding factors when you are trying to decide which contractor to hire to get the job done.

At Rocky Mountain Exteriors, we strive to provide transparent, firm quotes up-front to each of our valued clients. Our goal is to provide you with the best overall value, and we are also committed to completing your roofing project in a timely manner, with exceptional cleanup.

Contact us today to request a quote for your roofing project. Also feel free to call us for clarification on any other roofing estimates you have received.

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