4 Excellent Ways to Save Money On Home Heating Costs This Winter

Winter Home

As the seasons change and cold weather conditions set it, you may be mentally preparing for high energy bills. After all, it can cost a small fortune to keep your home heated and comfortable when temperatures plummet. One of the best ways to address this issue and to save money throughout the winter and beyond is to make energy-efficient repairs and upgrades.

Here are 4 exceptional steps to take now that can provide you with immediate and ongoing savings in your energy costs, without affecting your comfort level in your home.

1.) Add Layers

It is easy to feel chilled while you are indoors when it is cold outside. You could adjust your thermostat, but this will result in additional energy consumption. Rather than take this costly step to stay warmer, simply wear an extra layer or two around the house. When you are seated, grab a lap blanket to cuddle up in. While you are sleeping at night, throw an extra blanket on top of your bed. You can also place area rugs across the floor to keep your feet warmer. Through these simple steps, you may be able to comfortably keep your thermostat setting a few degrees lower than you otherwise would. You can stay warm while saving money in the process.

2.) Focus on Your Doors and Windows

Climate-controlled air can escape through doors and windows, and cold air can likewise enter your home through these areas. This wastes energy unnecessarily. Consider re-sealing the doors and windows annually. This is an easy and cost-effective way to promote energy efficiency. You can also open curtains on sunny days and keep them closed at night and on cloudy days. Replacing older windows that may only have a single pane of glass or that may no longer be energy-efficient is another thoughtful idea to consider. This step could also result in improved aesthetics and a potentially higher property value.

3.) Pay Attention to Your HVAC System

The condition of your HVAC system and how you use it can also result in unnecessary costs throughout the winter. You can also schedule service for your furnace before the beginning of the season. This can ensure that your system operates with peak efficiency. Cleaning air ducts periodically is also beneficial. If you have rooms that you seldom use, closing the air vents to these rooms can help you to save money as well. Running your ceiling fans on low in a clockwise rotation can improve airflow and help your HVAC system to operate more efficiently as well.

When you live in a cold weather climate, you may brace yourself for the cost of high energy bills throughout the winter. However, you can see that there are realistic steps that you can take to reduce energy consumption while still staying warm and cozy indoors throughout the winter. If you need any assistance with some of these tips, contact Rocky Mountain Exteriors today.

4.) Add insulation to your attic space to keep heated air inside the home

This is usually a fairly simple procedure, cost effective, and can really help reduce heat loss in your home. Warm air rises and extra insulation keeps it in your home vs escaping through to your attic space.

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