10 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips Often Overlooked

Spring Cleaning TipsIt’s that time of year! Each spring when the last chill of winter subsides, homeowners venture outdoors to assess the look and condition of their home. Spring cleaning is needed to improve the look and condition of your home and property.

This winter has been a tough one in the Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon areas, so our work is cut out for us!

Here are a few spring cleaning tips that will add curb appeal, and help you better maintain your home:


1. Focus on the Garage Door

Your garage door is among the most noticeable features on your home’s exterior because of its large size and prominent location. Spring is the perfect time to scrub away dirt and debris from this surface. Scrub the surface with a gentle cleaning agent and soft sponge. Then, use a power washer to wash away the grime and soap.

2. Organize the Garage

The interior of the garage is easily visible to passersby and visitors, and it can easily fall into a state of disorganization during the cold weather season. Take time to clear away items that you no longer need, and place some items in your basement or attic. Hang up items, such as bikes and large gardening tools, to free up space on the garage floor. Invest in shelves or other storage solutions if needed.

3. Clean the Garage Floor

Now that your garage is organized, clean the floor to give it a finished look. Sweep away debris, and use a power washer and oil removing agent to thoroughly clean the space. For a truly exceptional look, consider applying a concrete paint to the surface.

4. Power Wash Your Paved Areas

Your concrete and paved areas, such as the front entryway, the walkway, the sidewalk and the driveways, can easily take on a filthy appearance. Ground-in dirt and stains are among the most common issues that affect these areas. Use a power washer to remove the stains and dirt to give them a much-needed facelift.

5. Remove All Signs of Pests and Critters

Spiders, wasps and other pests often find a home living on your home’s exterior or in the yard. Now is a great time to remove wasps nests, cobwebs and other signs of pests. Take a closer look at your lawn as well, and apply ant kill or other products to address pests throughout your property.

6. Get Professional Results When Cleaning Windows

Dirty windows impact your home’s appearance on the interior and exterior. You can invest in a gentle window cleaning agent and a double-sided squeegee. First, clean the windows with the cleaning agent. Then, wipe them down with the squeegee for streak-free results. You can use a soft “micro fiber” cloth to remove any remaining water from the windows.

7. Clean Your Trash Cans

Trash cans have a tendency to take on an unbearable odor over time. You can address this issue now to enjoy better smelling results for months to come. When your trash cans are empty, pour soapy water into the trash cans. Then, use a power washer to spray the interior surface clean without the need to scrub these dirty surfaces.

8. Focus on Your Light Fixtures

Your light fixtures can get dirty, and bugs may even crawl into the fixtures and die to create an unsightly appearance. Remove your light fixture covers, and rinse them clean. You can also use a cloth to wipe additional dirt from the exterior surfaces of the fixtures.

9. Clean the Gutters

The interior of gutters may not be visible in most cases, but they can impact the condition of your property. Take time to clean out your gutters this season. This will ensure that rainwater can easily flow through the gutters as desired, protecting your roof, siding, eaves and landscaping from damage in the months to come.

10. Look at Your Eaves and Roof

As a final step in your spring home maintenance efforts, look upward at your roof and eaves. These areas can become damaged during a harsh winter season. Some minor damage may be repaired by you, but you may need to call for professional assistance if you notice major issues. Here are some tips on doing a quick roof inspection yourself.

Spring cleaning and maintenance will make your home look more appealing, and may even minimize repair issues as well.

Follow these tips over the course of the next few days or weekends and enjoy this spring!


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