6 Signs the Windows in Your Home Need to Be Replaced


Once windows are installed in your home, chances are you won’t give them a second thought until you start to experience problems. Over time, your windows can suffer the wear and tear of age, just like any other part of your home.

Age alone may not be enough to clue you in on when windows should be replaced as some products are bound to have a longer usable life than others. However, there are plenty of signs that could inform you of when your windows need to be repaired or replaced.

If you’re worried about the performance of your windows and the effects on your comfort and convenience, here are just a few signs that will warn you when the windows in your home are due for replacement.

1.) Seating Issues

One of the most common reasons for window replacement in Boise is seating issues, as in how the window is placed, or seated, in the frame. Issues are often caused by something as simple and commonplace as a structure settling over time. Seating issues could also be blamed on deterioration, poor manufacturing, cheap materials, or even weather conditions (heating and cooling of air that causes materials to expand and contract), just for example.  What you’ll notice when you have seating issues is trouble opening, closing, or locking and unlocking windows. If your windows seem to stick in one position, they don’t move freely on a track, or you have to apply unusual force to lock or unlock windows, it may be time for replacement.

2.) Drafts

If you start to notice cold or hot drafts around windows (depending on the season), the problem could be as simple as deteriorated or inadequate weather stripping. It’s best to try this simple and inexpensive fix first. If that doesn’t stop the drafts, chances are you need to consider replacing your windows in order to achieve greater comfort in your home.

3.) Condensation Between Panes

Windows in Boise need to stand up to the onslaught of winter weather, including low temperatures, snow, and storms. For this reason, most homeowners install double-pane glass or at least add storm windows seasonally.If you start to notice condensation forming between panes of glass, it means you no longer have a tight seal in place. This is pretty normal for storm windows that aren’t a permanent fixture, but if you have double-pane glass it’s the kiss of death in terms of efficiency and comfort.When moisture creeps in, it means the barrier of air that adds insulation to your windows is virtually gone. This is definitely a situation in which upgrading to new windows in Boise is a must.

4.) Deterioration or Damage

There are obvious signs of damage to your windows and frames that you can keep an eye out for. Naturally, a cracked, chipped, or broken pane of glass is in need of replacement. You can also watch for cracks, rotting, or other damage to frames.Both windows and frames need to be in good condition if you want them to do their job and protect your home from the elements. Taking the time to check them annually or when you start to notice problems like drafts could give you the information you need to seek professionals for window replacement in Boise.

5.) Increase in Outside Noise

When your windows are compromised in some way, you might start to notice the noise level in your home rising. If you think you’re hearing more traffic noise, neighborhood parties, or other forms of noise pollution, it may not be just in your head. There’s a chance it’s time to upgrade to new windows.

6.) Rising Heating and Cooling Costs

The cost of gas and electricity used to heat and cool your home interior are bound to increase incrementally due to inflation. However, if you start to notice spikes in your utility bills that are well beyond the average seasonal increases, you could be dealing with waning efficiency where your windows are concerned.  Check HVAC equipment first to make sure the problem isn’t there. Replacing your windows is not without expense, especially if you decide to upgrade from single- to double-paned options. However, the fact that you could see subsequent decreases in your heating and cooling costs will help you to recoup some of the up-front expenses over time.  In addition to saving you money, such upgrades can also help to make your interior temperature easier to regulate, allowing you to maintain a consistently comfortable atmosphere for your family.

Home window replacement is one of the smallest home improvement projects, but yields one of the highest return on investment. With the available tax credits, home value increase, and energy savings, you can actually recover 100% of the money you would spend to replace your existing windows.

However, even the best windows won’t deliver the savings, aesthetics, comfort, and all the other advantages listed above if they’re installed poorly.

That is why it’s important to call Rocky Mountain Exteriors’ certified window installers, who have the experience and a history of doing business in Idaho.

We have made countless homeowners across Boise, Meridian and Twin Falls extremely happy with our windows and window replacement services.

Our high quality replacement windows feature the following:

  • A multi-chamber design, which produces an effective insulating barrier
  • A fusion-welded frame, providing superior structural strength
  • A constant force balance system and heavy-duty operating hardware for efficient operation
  • Heavy-duty SteelForce™ reinforcement, which ensure extra protection
  • Intercept Spacer System that reduces conducted heat loss
  • Triple-barrier weather stripping for superior protection from water and air
  • Slope sill, which allows water to drain to the exterior

We are currently offering our lowest prices of the year on new windows and installation. We will also help you recover 100% of the cost to replace your windows.

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