What is the Cost to Replace Your Home’s Windows?

home window replacement costWindows can affect your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. They also impact comfort and light inside the  home, which can influence the home’s overall ambiance. Over time, windows can lose their style and energy efficiency benefits, and you may have decided that you want to move forward with a window replacement project.

One of the first questions you may ask relates to the cost of this project. By determining the cost of a window replacement project, you can better budget and plan for its completion.

The Average Cost of New Windows

There are numerous factors that affect the cost of new windows in your home. For example, the number of windows and their dimensions play a direct role in the cost of new windows. In addition, how many panes of glass there are, if the glass has a special coating, the type of frame used, energy efficiency ratings, and other factors also play a role in cost. The average homeowner will pay between $4,000 and $13,000 for new windows.

The Financial Benefit of Installing New Windows

While there is an undeniably an investment you need to make when you are replacing your home’s windows with more energy efficient and stylish windows, there is also a considerable financial benefit that you can enjoy.

The majority of the cost you pay to complete this project can directly be recouped through an increase in the home’s value. This means that when you sell the home, you will be able to recoup money from the investment. The amount recouped can vary, but on average, you can expect to obtain approximately 73 percent of the project cost back in the form of added value to the home.

There are also certain rebates and tax deductions that can apply on the initial purchase and installation. This lowers your overall costs even more.

How to Pay for Your New Windows

Installing new windows on your home is a substantial financial project to move forward with. The good news is that you may qualify for a tax credit or other great rebates by doing so. We can help give you options available and ways to save on this expense before you get started. You also need to explore ways to pay for this expense. Some use money from a savings or a credit card. Others apply for a home equity loan. In many cases, additional funds from a home equity loan can be used to complete other value-added home improvement projects for additional benefit and increased value in your home.

Getting a quote for the replacement of your home’s windows is a great starting point. The Team at Rocky Mountain Exteriors can answer your questions about the different types of windows available and installation so you can make an informed decision that adds true value to your home. They can give you tax incentive and rebate information available today, and  also provide you with an affordable written quote that can be used to help you plan for your project. Consultations and quotes are always free.

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