Crucial Items To Look For In A New Home Entry Door

new home entry door

Buying a new entry door for a home is more complicated than many people realize. It’s an important decision.

Indeed, buying an entry door is about more than picking one that looks nice.

After all, doors have a significant impact on curb appeal, the overall energy efficiency of a home, and they dramatically affect its security too. Many materials and designs are available. How are you supposed to choose?

Door Materials

One of the first decisions that you must make when buying an entry door is which material to use. There are basically three options: steel, fiberglass or wood. Each material has pluses and minuses, so it’s up to you to decide which one is right for your home.

  • Steel – The least expensive of the three, steel offers a good amount of strength and security, and it is energy efficient and weather resistant. Minimal maintenance is needed, but dents are difficult to fix, and scratches can rust if they aren’t handled promptly.
  • Fiberglass – This mid-range option is a popular and solid choice. Available in smooth designs or in styles that are meant to mimic wood, fiberglass stands up better to wear and tear than steel. Little maintenance is needed, and fiberglass is dent-resistant. The main drawbacks are a higher price tag and the fact that fiberglass can crack upon strong impact.
  • Wood – If you’re going to go with wood, make it solid wood. The most attractive of the three options, wood is also the priciest. While scratches are easy to repair, wood doors must be varnished or painted regularly, which is a hassle.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to keeping your home energy efficient, every little bit helps. Steel and fiberglass doors tend to be more insulating than wood doors. For superior energy efficiency, look for ENERGY STAR certified doors, which typically have energy-efficient cores and tighter fitting frames. Glass inserts look nice but can negatively impact energy efficiency unless they are double- or triple-pane. The best glass inserts are further enhanced by low-e glazing.


As the primary entryway into your home, your front door needs to be strong enough to resist tampering. While the lock or deadbolt that you use is even more crucial in this regard, the strength of the door itself affects home security too. You don’t want a door that can be kicked in easily, for example, so look for one that is designed to withstand a lot of abuse.

If you buy one with glass inserts, make sure that they aren’t near the lock, or someone could easily break the window, unlock the door and gain entry.

Additional Features

A few additional things to look for when choosing an entry door include:

  • Rails and Stiles – Rails and stiles are the horizontal and vertical pieces that hold a wood door in place. If you are buying a wood door, pay attention to the quality of these components. They should be designed to resist warping, so the wood should be laminated and covered with a special veneer.
  • Adjustable Threshold – Stick with a door that has an adjustable threshold. Otherwise, it may gradually become less weather-tight over time, which may require you to replace the sweep along the bottom.
  • Thermal Break – On fiberglass and steel doors, choose styles that include thermal breaks. These vinyl strips act as part of the frame. Their main purpose is to keep the inside and outside door skins separate. This does a lot to keep cold and heat from getting through the skin and frame, which prevents frost from accumulating on the inside.

Once you have checked all of these points off of your list, you can focus on aesthetics and other more enjoyable things.

There is a dazzling array of styles and designs, so you should be able to find something that suits the overall style of your home to a T.

Whether you already have something in mind or are just starting your search, Rocky Mountain Exteriors can help you choose the perfect door for your home. They provide the very best doors available and perfect door installation.

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