Attention Home Owners: This Is Crucial. Do a Pre-Summer Roof Inspection. Here’s Why & How To Do It Yourself:

Do It Yourself Roof InspectionAs the summer season is quickly approaching, there are many ways that homeowners must prepare for the warmer months ahead.

Maintaining your roof and keeping it structurally sound is crucial to protecting the home from water damage. 

A simple but thorough inspection of your roof will help save you $1000’s in future damage to your home.

Here are tips on how to quickly do it yourself:

1.) Look for Leaks – Visible and Hidden

Leaks inside your home are usually obvious to see, but not always.

a.) Check your ceilings and in places you normally may not look, like in closets.

b.) Check your attic. Access your attic and use a flashlight to look for areas where water stains are present near the roof boards. You can also hose off the top of the building and use a flashlight to find areas in the attic where water is present. Daylight that comes through the roof boards is another sign that leaks have developed and should be sealed.

2.) Check Your Roofing Materials

Roof Inspections Boise and Twin FallsYou can use a ladder and actually climb up on your roof to do the outside inspection, or use a good pair of binoculars and thoroughly examine your roof from the ground.

a.) Check to be sure the shingles that are installed are in good condition. Look for shingles that may be curling up on the ends or dry and cracked. Shingles found in the yard after a storm indicates that the roof may be failing. The shingles may also be raised, which means that the wood is molding and possibly become a breeding ground for different types of critters.

b.) If your roof is tile, look for broken, missing, or tiles that look like they have moved.

3.) Check Out the Flashing & Seals Around Attic Vents, Chimneys, Vent Pipes, Skylights, etc.

The flashing is often overlooked but is a major component that seals the roof from moisture. You’ll find the flashing on vents, chimneys, and skylights that are installed. Inspect these thoroughly. There should be metal flashing on the down hill side. Look for missing or loose flashing. If applicable, look for cracking of rubber seals or any signs moisture could be getting in around these areas. It’s possible to have moisture leaking in these areas and not have an actual leak through to the inside of your home. But – this moisture could be causing rot and pest issues in your sub roof materials.

While inspecting skylights, look for weep holes (small drain holes) where condensation can escape, which can become clogged with debris. Clear the holes to ensure that water can escape and doesn’t lead to damage on the skylight.

4.) Evaluate the Rain Gutters

You’ll need to inspect the rain gutters to ensure that they’re cleaned out and can allow water to drain off of the home and be directed away from the building. The rain gutter should also be free of any leaks. Shingles or granules that are present in the rain gutters is also a sign that the roof is failing and that it may need to be replaced by a professional.

5.) Research the Age of Your Roof

The age of the roof will also work as an indicator of when it’s time to replace the structure. The roofing materials that are installed will determine the lifespan of the roof and when it will begin to deteriorate. Roofs with asphalt shingles will last an average of 25 years. If your roof is approaching or older than 25 years, you may be ready for a new roof. The home may also need to be re-roofed if the existing roofing material was installed on top of another roof in past decades.

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