How to Easily Wash Your Own Windows Like a Pro!

windowBeautifully clean windows tremendously impact your home’s curb appeal as well as its indoor look!

You may have tried to clean your windows on your own numerous times with mediocre results. Streaks and smudges are the most common problems many people face. These issues seem prevalent regardless of the efforts you take, and you may have resorted to hiring a professional window cleaner.

The reality is that anyone can achieve professional results when they have the right supplies, tools and technique.

Read over these tips and be sure to watch the video below!


Choose Your Cleaning Supplies Carefully

You may think that you need to invest in expensive or harsh window cleaning agents, but this is not the case. Harsh chemical cleaning supplies are harmful to you as well as to the environment. Some can even leave behind a residue that gives your windows a dirty look and that is veritably impossible to remove. This can negatively impact your windows for the remainder of their life. Using less abrasive and more environmentally-safe dish washing liquid is a superior alternative. Dawn or Joy dish washing liquids are brands the pros frequently use to achieve superior results.

Invest in Quality Tools

There is more involved to clean your windows than choosing the right supplies. You also need the right tools to get the job done correctly. Some people use paper towels to clean windows, but this can leave behind residue, create smudges and spread paper particles across the windows. You will achieve better results when you invest in a T-bar tool that has a spongy surface on one side and a squeegee on the other side. This tool will often leave behind wetness on the side of the window, so you will also need to use a water absorbent cotton “Terry” towel and a “Micro-Fiber” towel to fully clean all surface area of the window.

Use the Right Window Cleaning Techniques

The common technique that most people use when cleaning windows with a T-bar tool is to scrub the window’s dirty areas initially and to use the squeegee in a downward or across motion to wick water away from the window. However, this commonly results in streaks around the edges of the T-bar tool.

A better idea is to first use the sponge surface to apply the soapy window cleaner to the windows and to scrub smudges. Then, use the squeegee side of the T-bar to remove the soapy water in an S-shaped motion. Keep the blade on the window as you make this motion to avoid leaving a water line. You can use the cloth to dry the perimeter of the window.

However, the “S” method is tough to master. You can use the straight down or across method and touch up the streaks with a micro-fiber towel.

When your windows are beautifully clean, the exterior of the property can take on a stunning look, and natural sunlight will stream into your rooms to brighten up the space. While you could pay for expensive professional window cleaning services, a more cost-effective solution is to use these tips to clean your windows on your own like a pro.

Watch this a quick video from “This Old House” showing the technique:


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