Roof Inspection After Harsh Winter. A Crucial “Must Do”…

One of the primary purposes of your home’s roof is to protect your home from the elements while promoting energy efficiency, curb appeal and more.

It is one of the most important structural components on your home, and it can take a severe beating when exposed to harsh winter elements, such as snow, sleet and ice.

In many cases, these elements accumulate on a roof over long winter months, and homeowners may not get to visibly inspect a roof until warmer temperatures arrive to thaw out the roof.

It is especially important to inspect your roof before the heavier spring rains begin that we see here in Southern Idaho and NE Oregon.

Now that the snow has cleared, it is time to examine your roof and to ensure that it is still in good condition after enduring the brunt of brutal winter weather.

Understanding What Winter Weather Can Do to Your Roof

Before you begin examining your roof, it is important to know what winter weather can do to your roof.

One of the most common types of damage is an ice dam.

With this type of damage, uneven temperatures on a roof cause the ice and snow to melt in some areas. As it melts, water runs down the roof. However, it may reach a cooler area and re-freeze. The accumulation of this frozen ice builds up and creates a dam. Eventually, the water pools up behind the dam and can work its way back up in between the shingles of your roof to cause a leak.

This is not the only type of damage that winter weather can do. For example, shingles can blow off in heavy winds, the weight of heavy snow on a roof for several weeks or longer can cause damage, ice freezing and expanding can cause issues.

Bottom line: Inspecting your roof now can find small issues before they get big and save you tons in headache & $money.

Looking for Signs of Damage

As a homeowner, it is important to inspect your roof for damage each spring after the snow and ice have melted. Avoid climbing on the roof yourself as this can be dangerous.

Exterior Inspection

From the ground level, use a pair of binoculars and look for signs of missing or damaged shingles or flashing.

Inspect the roof for signs of bowing or curling shingles, mold growing on the shingles, sagging gutters or damaged chimney caps. Some roof damage can be visible from the ground level, so your inspection may indicate the need for further repair assistance.

Interior Inspection

If possible, access your attic area and inspect the sheeting below your roof. Look for signs of leakage that may point to an existing problem outside.

When to Call a Professional for a Roof Inspection

While many signs of roof damage are visible from the ground level, some damage can only be seen from the top of the roof or in your attic area. More than that, it may take the skilled eye of a licensed roofer to identify signs of damage.

With this in mind, it is best to schedule a roof inspection at the end of each winter season. Getting into this habit will help you to keep your roof in the best shape possible over the years.

Keep in mind that repair issues can grow over time, so it often saves a homeowner money to repair issues as soon as possible. While this can keep repair costs to a minimum, it can also help you to extend the life of your roof.

The skilled and experienced roofers at Rocky Mountain Exteriors are available to provide you with roof repairs or a roof inspection at the end of each winter season.

Whether you suspect damage is present or you are interested in learning more about the condition of your roof, a professional inspection is a great idea.

Contact Rocky Mountain Exteriors today to schedule your free inspection!

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