Roofing FAQ'S

How do I know what type of roofing system is best for my home?

Through a home inspection, the best materials and installation methods will be determined. Warranties and pricing can be reviewed with you based on the specifics of the building.

What is the cost of a new roof?

Each roof installation project is quoted on an individual basis through an inspection of the home. Factors such as the number of existing roof layers, the size, the slope and the shape of the roof will be reviewed.

Can a new roof be installed over my current roof?

This is an option, but removing the existing roof is a better option. Through the removal of the existing roof, an inspection of the substrate (roofing deck) can be performed. Removal of unstable, rough or wet materials can also be completed and repaired to make your new roof last longer and perform better.

What type of warranty can I get on my roof?

Roofing materials typically have a warranty issued by the manufacturer for between five and 40 years!

Is roof installation an option in the winter months?

Yes. Roofs can be installed year-round. Minor adjustments may need to be made with severe weather conditions.

Will you dispose of my old roof?

Debris from all roofing projects are disposed of properly in the landfill on your behalf.

Do you clean the property before you leave?

Every effort is made to keep the work area clean during the project and to clean the work area before the crew leaves each day. We pride ourselves in exceptional after project clean up.

What is the fee for a roofing estimate?

Written estimates are provided without cost (absolutely free) to our clients.

Does my roof have a valley?

Many residential homes are designed with a valley in the roof. This is the area where two sloping areas of the roof meet together.

Does my roof have a ridge?

Most residential roofs have ridges. This is the top position of the roof running parallel to the ground. The ridge typically has a ridge vent or ridge caps, which are shorter shingles that are laid straight rather than sloped.

What are the main shingle options for my home?

The most common shingle types for residential properties are:

Three-tab shingles:

  • The most affordable option
  • Single layer minimum coverage
  • Ideal for budget-minded customers

30-Year architectural / dimensional shingles:
  • Double layer minimum coverage
  • Shingles are higher quality with two layers of material for each shingle

40-year architectural / dimensional shingles:
  • Double layer minimum coverage
  • Thicker shingles comprised of a double-layer of material for each shingle

Does the color of the shingles impact longevity?

Both dark and light colored shingles have the same life span provided the house's attic is properly ventilated. The main component to the longevity of a roof is proper attic ventilation.

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