Why You Should Replace Your Home Windows ASAP


Even though your home windows may still look nice, there are important reasons why you should replace your windows. Especially if they are over 15 years old.

In this article we go over the top 5 most important reasons why you should replace your windows, and the incredible rewards you receive.

Plus – You can actually receive back 100% of the money you spend on home window replacement…


1.) Energy Savings

When discussions arise about window replacement, one of the first subjects to spring up is energy savings. Replacing the windows of your entire house can, in fact, save you money on your energy bill. Windows with a multi-chamber design can trap dead air, creating an insulating effect. This prevents cool or warm air from escaping, resulting in more efficient heating and cooling. This results in lower bills. Triple-barrier weather stripping continues by blocking moisture and air. When these two functionalities are combined, the internal temperature of your home is never compromised, resulting in a more stable internal temperature. This not only provides greater comfort for occupants, but lower, and more predictable, heating and cooling bills.

Energy Star claims that adding Energy Star-rated windows can save you up to $500 a year in heating and cooling costs by making your home more energy efficient. According to HGTV, you can expect to recoup 60%-90% of your costs when you invest in energy-efficient windows.

2.) Air Purity – Indoor Air Quality

If your heating and cooling system is regularly maintenanced and your filters are replaced every 30 days, your home will benefit greatly by modern replacement windows. As we discussed with the energy saving qualities, the weather stripping and multi-chamber designs will keep the interior air of your home pure, as it is constantly filtered through your heating and cooling system. When it comes to air quality, air that is able to be thoroughly filtered can lead to fewer illnesses such as colds or the flu.

3.) Tax Deductions & Rebates

If your Idaho home was built or under construction before 2002, can qualify for 100% tax deductions as long as certain criteria are met. Windows are covered, as long as it is a full-home replacement, windows that are at least more energy efficient than the windows before replacement, and storm windows. Also covered is weather stripping and caulking.

Not only does replacing every window of your home provide long-term savings on your energy bill, provide cleaner interior air, but they could also be 100% tax deductible. Not just the cost of materials – but the cost of labor, as well!

Idaho takes home owners seriously who are willing to do their part in lessening their carbon footprint, creating less emissions than the standard household. We’ve listed tax credits and deductions you could be eligible for with a window replacement.

Links to tax credits and deductions available for window upgrades in the State of Idaho:

$500 Federal Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit 

Idaho Income Tax Deduction for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Idaho Power Energy Efficiciency Rebate

Energy Star Rebate Finder

4.) Beauty & Longevity

Energy Efficient Windows
New windows can provide a completely new look for your home. Whether you are looking for a traditional look, a contemporary feel, or a postmodern approach, brand-new, energy efficient windows are the answer.

With a wide range of style and color options at your disposal, you will have your choice of looks and designs, creating or finishing a new look for your home.

A reputable window replacement and installation service can offer you multiple style options, each consisting of high-quality materials, first-rate installation practices, and cutting-edge warranties.

More than just beauty, however, is longevity. New vinyl windows are durable and long-lasting. The sills are created at a slight angle to allow moisture and condensation to run to the exterior. This in and of itself adds to the life of the windows, and therefore, adds to the overall value of the replacements.

5.) Increased Home Value

These days, home buyers shop for homes with energy efficiency in mind. Old, drafty single-pane windows or windows over 15 years old are a major turn off. In most home buying transactions, homes with outdated windows receive a “price drop” to compensate for the costs of upgrading. The price adjustment usually exceeds the cost of replacing the windows. It really pays you back when selling your home to update your windows.

It Actually Pays You To Replace Your Windows

Between the energy savings, tax credits and increased home value, you are actually paid back more than you invest to replace your home windows. Replacing your windows actually makes you money in the long run.

The only other aspect you want to be sure of is that you hire a window replacement specialist that gives you the best energy efficient windows, perfect installation, offers windows to beautify your home, best warranties, helps you qualify for all the tax deductions and credits available, and does all of this at a fair price!

Rocky Mountain Exteriors provides perfect window replacement services to all Boise and Twin Falls Idaho areas. We are Rated A+ with Better Business Bureau and offer you the best windows, warranties, and workmanship available. We offer easy financing if needed and you receive a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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